Born & Raised in Detroit, MI.  As a child I've always been an artistic person. I nurtured my artistic and creative abilities throughout the year and found my passion in Photography & Graphic Design. I've been doing Photography for many years now...I'm an on location photographer, I specialize in Portraits and Weddings. On the Graphic Design side. I specialize in Print Design: Logo Design, Album Art Cover, Fliers etc.  

           During my free time, I like to stay in shape, so I try to get in the gym 5 days out of the week. Last but not least, my family is my reason for everything I do. Spending time with my wife & son is the most important time in my day, to taking my son to basketball practice or karate to reading him a bedtime story...and having the deepest conversation with my wife to her giving me that look, because I did or said something ridiculous. I get the looks more than I give the deep conversation. LOL! That time together is precious. Like the memories I'll capture for you to keep for a life time.